FAQ about Water

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FAQ about Water

Can pregnant women drink chloraminated water?

Can you safely water plants, vegetables or fruit and nut trees with chloraminated water?

Chloramine Public Notice March 7, 2007

Do I need to buy a water softener?

How do I know that my water is safe to drink?

How much fluoride is added to the water?

If chloramines are harmful to fish, how can people safely drink the water?

What about the 2012 Yield Study?

What about water rationing?

Drought Management Plan

What are Chloramines?

What are the major benefits associated with chloramination?

What do I do if my water does not flow?

What is the metal content of the water?

What special precautions should fish owners take with chloraminated water?

What special precautions should kidney dialysis patients take with chloraminated water?

Where do I find the Consumer Confidence Reports for each year?

Where does my water come from?

Why are chloramines a problem for kidney dialysis patients and aquarium owners?

Why does my water sometime taste or smell like swimming pool water

Why does my water sometimes look brown?

Why does my water sometimes look ''milky'' or ''cloudy''?

Will chloramines be removed by boiling the water?

Will chloramines dissipate, or dissolve, out of the water?

Will there be any noticeable changes with chloraminated water?