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The Street Maintenance Division, maintains hundreds of miles of streets and roads.  Pothole patching, crack sealing, concrete slab replacement, curb repair, ditch and creek cleaning, maintenance of unpaved roadways are some of the services provided. The division also is involved in an aggressive program of resurfacing.  Each year, miles of asphalt and concrete overlays are made to help maintain our streets and bridges. The division is also responsible for de-icing streets and bridges and for snow plowing. 

Street Lighting - The City of Shawnee pays for street lighting across the City but does not manage or replace street light bulbs.  This is provided by the particular electric utility provider in the area, which in most cases is OG&E. To report a burned out or damaged street light, please call OG&E at 1-800-522-6870 to report the problem.  Be sure you have the closest address to the particular pole to report to them.  They will advise if the area is not in their service area.

Snow/Ice Removal Policy
When snow or ice falls, the Shawnee Streets Department implements a Snow and Ice Removal Plan. This plan is a prioritization system for clearing streets and supporting the emergency response system (fire, police and emergency medical services) during snow and ice events. The Department’s ability to clear routes depends heavily on the amount and type of winter weather we receive.

The department has 8 employees which will be split into 2 shifts working 12 hours.   Ten pieces of equipment are available to clear streets. Employees of other City departments who possess a Commercial Driver’s License will be used to augment the Street Department staff. The crews use a sand and salt mixture, calcium chloride and truck mounted snow plows to clear streets during an event. Sand and other aggregates are also used for some specific applications such as hilly or inclined roadways. The City has plenty of these materials on hand.

A crew will be on-call at night and on weekends to respond to emergency requests for assistance from the City’s E-911 dispatch center.  The Shawnee Police Department is very good to relay road conditions via dispatch to our crews so that they can get a good handle on the event.

While each situation is different and some discretion will be used by the Street Superintendent to task crews, snow routes were developed to prioritize which streets will receive snow removal operations in the most effective and efficient manner. The established priorities are generally:

First priority is given to bridges and overpasses as they tend to freeze before other areas.  Also addressed in this category are hills and inclines on roadways.  This includes the following locations: Kickapoo at I-40; the Lake Road Bridge at the North Canadian River; Gordon Cooper Bridge at the North Canadian River; Farrall at U.S. 177; MacArthur west of Harrison; Federal west of Harrison, Dunbar at Oklahoma; Center and Federal; Kickapoo north of Farrall; Independence at Sequoyah; Independence at Kickapoo; MacArthur east and west of Harrison; Leo and Lake Road; Leo at Federal; Main from Bryan to Kickapoo; and Broadway and Wallace southbound.

The second priority will be all arterial streets around the City including the Twin Lakes area. These streets include Kickapoo, MacArthur, Harrison, Farrall, Bryan, Highland, Wallace, Federal, 4th Street, Mall Drive, Independence, Belcher Road, and Lake Road. While these streets are being addressed, other crews will focus their attention to emergency locations such as the hospital, fire stations, police station, and REACT EMS stations.

The third priority is interior streets and parking lot access to other City facilities This would include Main, Broadway, Center, Kennedy, Beard, 10th Street from Kickapoo to Harrison, 9th Street from Kickapoo to Minnesota, 7th Street from Kickapoo to Minnesota, and the City Hall and Community Center parking lots, time and conditions permitting.  The lowest priority would be internal streets within housing additions.

Additional tips for residents:
Do not try to pass plows that are moving in the roadway.  It is very dangerous and can cause an accident.  Park vehicles on driveways or in garages away from curb lines whenever possible.  Do not shovel or blow snow into the street causing a traffic obstruction.  Never allow children to play in snow piles along curb lines.

A map of the Priority Snow Routes can be found here