2018 Sales Tax Election Information

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Sales Tax Election Results from June 26, 2018

The Shawnee City Commission approved all necessary ordinances and actions on April 2, 2018 to send a sales tax question to the citizens of Shawnee known as Proposition #4.  Propositions 1-3 information included below.  

Proposition #4 passed and increases the current sales tax rate by one-half (0.50)  percent.  The current combined sales tax rate is 8.995%.  The new sales tax rate will be 9.495%.   The new rate becomes effective on October 1, 2018 and expires on September 30, 2028.  Sales tax is currently divided as follows:  State: 4.5%, County: 1.495%, City: 3.0% (total: 8.995%).  The proposal raises the City portion to 3.5%, which is still be the lowest City-specific portion of any of the top 20 cities in Oklahoma based on population.  For regional and statewide comparisons, please see these tables

The increased sales tax is specifically allocated for capital improvements in the following manner:

     Public Safety: 25% (0.125% sales tax)
     Streets/Roads: 25% (0.125% sales tax)
     Parks/Public Facilities: 50% (0.25% sales tax)

The sales tax is temporary (10 years) and projected to generate approximately $30 million during this timeframe for capital projects and equipment.  Projects that are slated are as follows:

Public Safety
*Police Headquarters Building
*New Fire Engine
*Fire Station Improvements (Station No. 1 and No. 3).  Station assessment reports can be found here: Station 1, Station 3
*Emergency Management (warning system enhancements)
*Funds allocated for major improvements to 45th Street (from west of Kickapoo to east of Harrison)
*Funds allocated for routine maintenance, repaving and concrete panel replacement
Parks/Public Facilities
*Funds implementation of Phase 1 of the Parks Master Plan Design.  To view the Parks Master Plan Design Document, please click here.  This includes six key parks: Woodland Veterans, Boy Scout, KidSpace, Dean Weigant, Optimist and Celebration of Life.
*Major enhancements to the Shawnee EXPO (2018 EXPO Master Plan can be viewed here)
*Additional funds for sidewalks and trails
*Major improvements to the: Senior Center, Community Center, Santa Fe Depot, Library

The City Commission adopted a full list of anticipated projects, which can be found here.

 A list of all propositions can be found here.  A brief summary can be found on this sheet:

Proposition #1 passed:  This proposition clarifies when City Commissioners and the Mayor take office and provides that they take office on the first Monday of the month, following their election (regular or runoff).

Proposition #2 passed:  This proposition concerns the appointment of the Vice-Mayor, which is done on an annual basis by the City Commission.  It clarifies the timing of the appointment when there is a general election, runoff election, or in years with no election.

Proposition #3 passed:  Changes the method of ordering the holding of elections by allowing the City to pass a resolution in accordance with State law.  City Charter currently requires passage of an ordinance.