Kickapoo Tunnel / Jefferson School Tunnel Maintenance

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Kickapoo Tunnel / Jefferson School Tunnel Maintenance

Shawnee, Oklahoma, January 9, 2023 – The City of Shawnee recently performed necessary maintenance on the Kickapoo Tunnel, which is commonly known as the Jefferson School tunnel which children use to access the school. The tunnel is located on the north side of the intersection of Kickapoo Avenue and Ford Street. While performing that maintenance, City staff identified an element of water intrusion which could impact the structural integrity of the tunnel. In addition to that, potential electrical hazards were identified which also require further evaluation.

To ensure the safety of the children and their family members who utilize the tunnel, the City of Shawnee and Shawnee Public Schools determined that the best course of action was to close the tunnel until all potential hazards could be evaluated by professional inspectors. The City of Shawnee is working to schedule any necessary inspections as quickly as possible.

To continue to provide safe access to Jefferson School for children and their family members, Shawnee Public Schools is utilizing crossing guards on Kickapoo Avenue along with the assistance of the Shawnee Police Department for traffic control.

All drivers are asked to use additional caution when traveling through that area and to obey all traffic laws and speed limits accordingly.

For more information, contact the City Manager’s Office, City of Shawnee at 405-878-1601 or