Storm Debris Removal Update

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Storm Debris Removal Update

Shawnee, Oklahoma, April 25, 2023 – The storm debris removal process for Shawnee is moving closer to a start date. The City of Shawnee is in the final stages of entering into an emergency contract to coordinate the debris removal effort.

“We know our residents are frustrated by the amount of storm debris that is covering our community. City staff and Commissioners are keeping the process moving and are close to hiring a firm to handle the clean-up. The firm comes to Shawnee with storm debris removal experience in several Oklahoma cities,” said Andrea Weckmueller-Behringer, City Manager. “The goal is to have the debris collection begin early next week. Please be patient with us and your neighbors as we move into the recovery phase. All storm debris should be left in piles curbside. If a resident’s yard is overwhelmed with debris, we ask neighbors to work together to find additional space for debris that keeps it in piles curbside.”

To expedite the debris removal process, FEMA recommends:

  • Debris Separation - Separate debris into these categories:
    • Large Appliances – refrigerator, washer/dryer, air conditioner, stove, water heater, dishwasher. Be sure doors are sealed or secured.
    • Construction Debris – building materials, drywall, lumber, carpet, furniture, plumbing.
    • Vegetative Debris – tree branches, leaves, logs, plants.
    • Hazardous Waste – oil, battery, pesticide, paint, cleaning supplies, compressed gas.
    • Electronics – television, computer, stereo, phone, DVD player.
  • Never touch, cut, remove, or place debris on downed lines.
  • Placing debris near or on trees, poles or other structures makes removal difficult. Place debris away from water and gas meters, and fire hydrants.
  • Debris should be placed curbside without blocking the roadway or access to the property.

Residents are reminded not to burn debris within City limits. This is a serious safety hazard. More information will be added to the City of Shawnee website as it becomes available. Please check the website for updates.

If you have questions about the storm debris removal process, or need more information, please contact Andrea Weckmueller-Behringer, City Manager, City of Shawnee at (405) 878-1601 or

Debris Removal Guidelines for Private Residential Properties.