Making Storm Damage Repairs

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Making Storm Damage Repairs

Shawnee, Oklahoma, April 25, 2023 – For those residents of Shawnee that are ready to move forward with repairs, the City of Shawnee Engineering Department offers the following guidelines and assistance for the process.

What do you need to know before making repairs?

  • If you are approached by a contractor for repairs or demolition work, ask if they are licensed through the City of Shawnee (COS).
  • If the contractor is not licensed by the COS, the contractor can do this by going to the COS Engineering Dept. at 222 N. Broadway and completing the required paperwork. Office hours for the Engineering Dept. Permit Office are Mon-Fri, 8am – 4pm, closed 12-1 for lunch. There are also COS crew members out in the community contacting contractors for verification of their license.

When do you need a permit?

  • Making a permanent repair or a temporary patch to get you through to a permanent solution?
    • Temporary repairs do not require a permit, but permanent repairs do require permits.
  • Restoring electrical service to your home after losing power during the tornado?
    • A permit is only required if new equipment is installed. However, be sure the work is being done by a licensed electrician.
  • Restoring electrical service to your home if the power has been off for over 6 months?
    • Yes, a permit is required.
  • Reroofing your home damaged from the tornado?
    • If the repair is shingles only, a permit is not required.
    • If the decking is being replaced, a permit is required.
    • In all instances, ensure the work is completed by a roofing contractor registered through the State of Oklahoma.
  • Repairing a structure damaged by the tornado?
    • Yes, a permit is required. Residents must provide plans and possibly a structural engineers design. Each city licensed contractor will be required to obtain their own permits.
  • Demolishing a structure damaged by the tornado?
    • Yes, a permit is required. A city licensed demolition contractor must be used, and that contractor must pull a demolition permit.
  • Replacing an accessory structure damaged by the tornado?
    • Yes, a permit is required. The replacement structure and placement must meet all city ordinance criteria, including setbacks and lot coverage.
  • Building a new home due to total loss from the tornado?
    • Yes, a permit is required. A typical building permit process must be followed.
    • This will also require a demolition permit for the existing structure.

More information will be added to the City of Shawnee website as it becomes available. Please check the website for updates.

If you have questions about the licensing or permitting process for demolition or repairs, or need more information, please contact the City of Shawnee Permit Office at 405-878-1666.