Important Amendments to the Shawnee City Charter

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Important Amendments to the Shawnee City Charter

Shawnee, Oklahoma, June 6, 2023 – Next week, residents of Shawnee will have the opportunity to vote on important propositions affecting the City’s Charter. The June 13, 2023, citywide election presents seven proposed Charter amendments to the citizens.

“Proposition 1 related to Ward-specific voting and Proposition 3 regarding the start date for newly elected officials are strictly local matters,” said Andrea Weckmueller-Behringer, City Manager. “Whereas the other five proposals seek alignment with State or Federal laws as well as existing City Code to increase efficiency in City operations and offer a uniform approach to municipal processes.”

The topics addressed by the propositions include:

  • Switching to Ward-specific voting for Commissioners
  • Clarifying the competitive bidding process
  • Adjusting the start date for a newly elected Mayor or Commissioner
  • Aligning requirements for City employees
  • Modernizing conflict-of-interest policies
  • Aligning the recreational use policy for the Shawnee Twin Lakes
  • Modernizing the policy for the Cemetery Perpetual Care Fund

If the voters approve one or more Charter amendments, the Charter changes will then be submitted to the Governor for his approval. After gubernatorial approval is secured, the Charter will become the governing law of the City of Shawnee and replace existing Charter language.

If you have questions about the City of Shawnee Charter election on June 13, 2023, or would like to see more information on this topic, including the proposed Charter language, answers to frequently asked questions, and more, please visit or or contact Andrea Weckmueller-Behringer, City Manager, City of Shawnee at 405-878-1601 or

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