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Splash Water Park Popular Need to Know Rules

SPLASH Water Park
I Want to Try the High Dive, Can I Get Off Now?

Once you go up, you must jump! It’s always encouraged that the child or adult jumps off. In extreme cases, the child or adult can be let back down the stairs with the assistance from a lifeguard to avoid an accidental fall. This decision must be made in the best interest and safety of the patron requiring assistance.

Why is there a Slide Height Restriction?
To ride the slides ALONE, the child must reach 48 inches. There are signs in the park and on the slides that can help with measuring. The height restriction is important because the child must be tall enough to stand up in the pool once landing to avoid drowning.

Children who don’t meet the height requirements can still ride with a parent while wearing a life jacket.

What is Proper Swim Attire?
All patrons MUST wear a swimsuit with proper aquatic material. NO underwear, gym shorts, cutoffs, cargo pants, sports bras, etc.

This is a family environment, and we would like to honor that environment by allowing cover up options for our patrons. Board shorts and swim shirts that are designed with aquatic material are allowed at the Splash.

Why is Proper Swim Attire Important?
Aquatic material sheds and does not withstand bacteria. Regular clothing material holds bacteria longer. Due to the increase in bacteria from these materials, proper swim attire is required by the Health Department’s guidance on providing a safe and healthy pool environment for our users.

What is the Smoking/Vaping Policy at Splash?
Patrons cannot smoke or vape on Splash property or out in Woodland Park. This is a no-tolerance policy.

What is the Policy for Re-Entering Splash?
Once patrons enter the Splash, they cannot leave without paying to get back in. The only reason re-entry would be allowed is for personal health items. In this instance, the attendant would call a supervisor and they could give the patron a day pass to re-enter the facility free of charge. Otherwise, this is a no-tolerance policy.

Can I bring Food and Drinks Inside?
Per policy, NO outside food or drink (aside from water) are allowed inside of Splash. There are concession stands inside the park where you can purchase snacks and drinks if you’d like. This policy is in place to help keep the water park family oriented and clean.

Patrons who reserve the Splash for parties are allowed to bring in party food as long as it meets the guidelines outlined on the City Website and has been approved by staff.

What is the policy for lightning and bad weather?
Lightning and bad weather are monitored through the Sparky and Weather Bug applications. If thunder or lightning is seen, heard, or detected within 10 miles of Shawnee Splash, the facility will close until lightning is out of the 10-mile range.

If there is a possibility of severe or threatening weather, closing the Splash is at the discretion of the Aquatics Manager and Parks and Recreation Manager.

Weather decisions are posted on the Splash’s Facebook page as soon as they are made.

**No refunds will be given if Splash Water Park closes due to lightning or weather.