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City Online Portal Open for Citizens

Shawnee, Oklahoma, March 24, 2023 – Residents of Shawnee can communicate directly with the City of Shawnee’s leadership team or submit requests for assistance using the new online Citizen Request Portal. The Portal can be accessed from the landing page of the website and offers citizens the ability to contact City leadership, report infrastructure issues, and submit code enforcement concerns.

“This portal was created to offer another way for citizens to communicate their needs to City officials,” said Andrea Weckmueller-Behringer, City Manager. “When the City Commission meetings moved to once a month, we looked for additional opportunities for citizens to connect with City staff. It’s important to note that it does not replace the Action Center. The Portal is in addition to it and available anytime online.”

“After a request is made, the Citizen Request Portal provides ongoing information, including the status of requests and if the task is completed,” said Seth Barkhimer, Director of Engineering, City of Shawnee. “For example, citizens can check to see if a large pothole or dilapidated structure has been submitted and the status of the request.”

Choosing the “Citizen Request Help Center” option on the City’s website opens the new Citizen Request Portal. In addition to contacting the City Commission or the City Manager, the Portal offers citizens the ability to report infrastructure issues such as potholes, park concerns, water or sewer main breaks, etc. It also provides a way to report code enforcement issues like dilapidated or unsecured structures, tall weeds, abandoned vehicles, etc. After a citizen uses the portal to report an issue, they can check back on the status of their submission. An email is also sent when the issue is resolved. If a request is for an issue not in the City of Shawnee, an email response will be sent offering information on the responsible entity. The Portal was developed by City of Shawnee staff, and the collaborative effort included members of the departments of Engineering, Public Works, and the City Manager’s Office.

If you have questions about the Citizen Portal or need more information, contact Andrea Weckmueller-Behringer, City Manager, City of Shawnee at (405) 878-1601 or