Completion of State-of-the-Art Water Treatment Plant

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Completion of State-of-the-Art Water Treatment Plant

Shawnee, Oklahoma, October 30, 2023 – The City of Shawnee, Oklahoma, is thrilled to announce the successful completion of its new water treatment plant. This modern facility marks the much-anticipated replacement of the aging plant constructed in 1980. The new plant harnesses cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to ensure the highest quality standards of drinking water production for our residents and future generations. 

One of the standout features of our new water treatment plant is the state-of-the-art polymer additive clarification system. This advanced technology significantly enhances the water treatment process by improving the removal of suspended solids and contaminants. The key benefits of this system include:
  • Enhanced water clarity and reduced chemical usage,
  • Efficient sedimentation and improved removal of fine particles, and 
  • Increase cost-efficiency and lower environmental impacts.
In addition to the clarification system, the City of Shawnee's new water treatment plant also features an innovative super pulsator system. This system optimizes coagulation and flocculation processes, again ensuring the highest quality water for our residents. The benefits of the super pulsator system include:
  • Enhanced floc formation and faster settling of particles, and
  • Reduced chemical usage and extended filter lifespan.
The new water treatment plant is not only equipped with these latest technologies but also designed to accommodate the needs of our growing community. With an eye toward the future, this facility has been constructed to meet the projected population growth expected by 2060. This ensures that Shawnee residents will continue to receive the highest-quality drinking water for years to come.

During a recent walkthrough of the $15 million plant, City Commissioners expressed their excitement about the project, stating, "This water treatment plant represents a significant investment in our City's future. It showcases the City of Shawnee's commitment to providing our residents with top-notch services while being responsible stewards of taxpayer funds and our environment." 

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For those interested in seeing the project’s progression over the past two years, City staff has uploaded a YouTube video to the City’s channel: For questions or additional information, please contact Danny Vise, Jr., Assistant City Manager at 405-878-1601 or