No Sit, No Lie Ordinance - Approaching 2-Months' Mark

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No Sit, No Lie Ordinance - Approaching 2-Months' Mark

Shawnee, Oklahoma, March 11, 2024 – The City of Shawnee is quickly approaching the two-months’ mark since the effective date of its ‘No Sit, No Lie’ ordinance. In a combined effort, the City of Shawnee and the Shawnee Police Department are providing an update on the ordinance’s implementation.

The City of Shawnee Commissioners adopted the ‘No Sit, No Lie’ ordinance on December 18, 2023. The ordinance was designed to promote family-friendly public areas, support tourism and businesses, maintain accessibility for individuals with disabilities, and create an inviting environment. The specific area to which the ordinance applies is limited to Shawnee’s downtown, bounded by Highland, 7th, Harrison, and Kickapoo streets. The ordinance’s implementation included training for Police Officers and an emphasis on public education, resulting in the community’s voluntary compliance with the new rule. 

At the same time, the Shawnee Police Department has continued the implementation of its Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) grant, which pairs Police Officers and Mental Health Providers for the specific purpose of street outreach, referrals for assistance, and education on other available resources. For these ground-breaking efforts, the Shawnee Police Department was selected to share their best practices at the CIT International Conference, which took place in August 2023 in Detroit, MI.

The combined investments into the community, inclusive of the Shawnee Police Department’s remarkable CIT work, the exemplary efforts of community volunteers, services providers, churches, and civic groups, and the City of Shawnee’s Homeless Program outreach and case management have resulted in a reduction in the number of Shawnee’s unhoused population between the 2023 and 2024 Point-in-Time (PIT) Count,which is conducted by communities across the Nation. 

“I cannot thank our Police Officers and our community partners enough for their steadfast commitment and ongoing efforts to build a brighter future for all of our residents,” said Andrea Weckmueller-Behringer, Shawnee City Manager. Police Chief, Mason Wilson added, “I am proud of our Officers! Their hard work and dedication to keep our community safe does not go unnoticed.”

The City of Shawnee and the Shawnee Police Department remain committed to fostering a safe, inclusive, and prosperous community for its residents, businesses, and visitors. With a focus on sustainable growth, the City continues to implement initiatives that enhance the quality of life for all.

For more information, please contact the City Manager at (405) 878-1601 or or the Police Public Information Officer at (405) 214-5041 or